Hard training, easy combat; easy training, hard combat.

If practice looks, smells and feels like competition, the more it transfers to the golf course.

If you look at the development history of the best players in the world many have grown up in a community of practice.

Playing, competing and learning with players as good or better than them - such as a young Rory Mclroy playing with Darren Clarke when Darren was in his prime.

The aim of this training group is to create a community of practice that lets you have similar development experiences.

The training group is open to all players, male and female of all ages. It regularly includes Elite Amatuers and Professionals.

Train with the Pro's

Golf practice where you train under pressure, with players as good as you or better, enabling you to squeeze the most out of your practice time.
Would you like to learn how to get the most out of your practice time and maximise transfer from practice to performance?

Areas covered in a training session:

  • Playing and learning from players as good or better than you
  • Evaluation of current practice habits
  • Practical education on good practice habits
  • Training in a practice environment that demands the same concentration, if not harder, than competition. Therefore making competition easier
  • Discussions on strategy and course management
  • Training in a practice environment that is full of the emotions you feel in competition.
  • Use of Trackman launch monitor for Swing refinement/analysis.


"We are what we are because of stresses placed upon us and the adaptions we have made to these stresses both physical and otherwise. The state of our bodies, our minds and our personalities is the result of these adaptations."

James Counsilman (1968)

Train with the Pro's


  • 3 hour training session
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