Private Golf Coaching That Will Help You Hit Your Goals

Are you searching for private golf lessons in Edinburgh? With Peter's unique golf coaching, we'll turn your swing into something a PGA professional would be proud of. Our golf academy is the perfect way to get a non-complicated look at golf coaching.

Golf lessons in Edinburgh have never been so simple. Just like your monthly gym membership, you can set up a direct debit for your golf coaching. This way you can concentrate on the more important things such as your golf swing, putting, and better practice.

Below we will go through some of the key benefits of gaining our professional, individual golf lessons. From junior to PGA professional, Peter can help everyone.

Are you committed to lowering your scores? Our Golf Coaching Gets Results!

Practice that enables you to shoot lower scores under pressure.

Training that is as tough, if not tougher than your competitive environment.

Delivered to you by the co-founder of and one of the foremost experts in golf practice design.

Why you should book your lesson with us

During our golf lessons in Edinburgh, Scotland, we will give you all the tools to increase your game in different areas, from putting, to off the tee, and everything in between. Our individual one-to-one golf academy coaching is perfect if you're looking to improve your golf game for years to come.

Golf coaching like this is not a quick fix, our Par plan, Birdie plan, and Eagle plan will give you long-lasting lower scores if you're committed to really wanting to excel on the course. Take a lesson using our facilities, perfect for junior, beginner, and intermediate golf enthusiasts.

This individual coaching isn't for people who want overnight golf success. Golf lessons and coaching are offered on a long-term basis to develop you to be a better player with longer-lasting results.