Starting Today You Can Master 4 Key Skills all Expert Golfers Have, Whilst at Home.

How much good golf practice time will you waste if you don’t have a clear, step by step, structure to practicing golf at home?

Are you going down the dangerous route of searching the internet for ideas on how and what to practice your golf at home?

Avoid wasting your time with our step by step guide to practicing the skills all expert golfers have, whilst at home. Here’s what you’ll find inside...

Expert Stories

Tiger 1997 Masters

Whilst practicing before the 1997 Masters, Tiger used to practice with a persimmon wood and try and hit the heel and the toe to generate more draw and fade spin from strike. So if he was trying to hit a big draw he would purposely hit it on the toe.

Jim Furyk Drivers

A few years ago Jim Furyk's golf club manufacturer played some tricks on him when he was testing golf drivers. They moved the sweet spot of the driver to the toe, heel, top and bottom of the clubface without tellng him. However, after taking one shot with each club, Jim could feel where the sweet spot was and on the 2nd shot, without fail, he adjusted his swing to hit the ball right on the sweet spot, wherever it was on the clubface.

Jim therefore shows a mastery of Strike

Tiger's Dad

Tiger's Dad used to call out golf shots at the top of Tiger's backswing to teach him clubface awareness at speed. 'Hit a high fade', 'Hit a low hook'. Tiger said 'It trained me to be able to save the shot when things weren't going well.'

Like Tiger and Jim...

Experts consistently hit the ground in the right place, strike it on the clubface where they want to, have an awareness where the clubface is and can manipulate it, at speed.

However, they all swing the golf club in different ways.

And that is why you will be mastering the same skills ALL EXPERTS have.

For less than a 30 minute lesson. You'll get step by step golf practice exercises...

You'll Practice:

  • Your ability to hit the ground in the right place (Low Point Control)
  • Your ability to strike the ball on the exact part of the clubface (Strike)
  • Your ability to understand where the clubface is during the swing and at impact (Clubface Awareness)
  • Your ability to generate speed with the golf club (Speed).
  • Your ability to pull all these skills together (Pulling it all together)
  • Using Science to accelerate these processes (Applying Science)

Imagine what your golf game will look like when you have mastered the 4 Key Skills All Expert Golfers have.