The Long-Lasting Approach to lowering your scores

Have you tried everything to lower you golf scores and now realised it is time to get professional help?

If so, I have the answer for you.

The Long-lasting approach to lower your golf scores.

This approach includes a blend of on and off course coaching with the use of Trackman Technology.

This approach is all about you and I having a long-lasting relationship

The more I get to know you and your game the more I can help you shoot your lowest scores.

Hitting it great but it doesn't transfer to the golf course?

Let's see you on the golf course.

Hitting it poorly and losing lot's of confidence with your driving?

Let's help you with your swing.

I specialise in Long-term coaching.


Because it works.

Hundreds of golfers were in exactly the same position where you are now, and have lived to tell the tale!


The long-lasting approach is not a quick 30 minute lesson a hand shake and see you at the next lesson!

I offer all golfers whom sign up to the long-lasting approach 24/7 support via Edufii.

Wether that be questions on the last coaching session, advice on practice or for me to look at a recording of your swing and give you feedback.



The Long-lasting approach to lower your scores

The Process


Using a combination of our indoor coaching centre with Trackman and on the course game analysis to identified key strengths and areas for development.


Based on the analysis, together we will create a golf improvement plan tailored to your lifestyle, desired goals and expectations.


This is the business end, where together we make it happen - this is not a golf lesson, this a golf coaching session.

We look at the whole picture, not just technique, refining & developing skills to lower your golf score.

Some of the areas covered in the long-lasting approach:

Putting Analysis via Trackman

Driver optimisation via Trackman

Shot making

Course management

Bunker Play

Awkward lies


Approach Shots

How to score

How to score when playing poorly

How to practice properly


How to optimise your time practising

Swing analysis via Trackman and video

Green Reading

Skill Development practice plans

How to create your own practice environments

Self-diagnosis for example this may be a simple understanding of where you are hitting the ball on the club face

Speciality shots flop shots, low shots etc.

Awkward holes holes that do not suit your eye, we explore on the golf course

Statistical Analysis of any Stats packages that you use I recommend

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