Junior Golf Coaching That Makes Learning Golf Fun

Getting involved with junior golf in Edinburgh has so many benefits - not only is it a great way to have fun and stay fit, but it will also help your child to develop an important skill that they'll have for life!

My junior golf lessons are based on the long-lasting approach, which blends on-course and off-course tuition, and provides young golfers with the best foundation for their golfing journey.

As a Golf Coach with years of experience in golf tuition, I'll always use tried-and-tested teaching techniques to ensure every child gets the most out of their lessons. No matter if your kids are aspiring professionals, or just want to learn a fun new skill, I'll develop a unique coaching plan that works for them!

If you're looking for personalised junior golf lessons, then this little guide will take you through everything I offer at the Swanston Road Edinburgh golf club. You can also contact me today on 07939564877 for more information.

Are you committed to lowering your scores? Our Golf Coaching Gets Results!

Practice that enables you to shoot lower scores under pressure.

Training that is as tough, if not tougher than your competitive environment.

Delivered to you by the co-founder of www.golfotec.com and one of the foremost experts in golf practice design.

Making Junior Golf Accessible

Everyone's experience with golf will be different, which is why my golf coaching will be customised to your individual needs.

Whether your kids have played golf before, or are completely new to the game, we'll go over the core concepts to make sure they've got the best foundation for developing their techniques.

Learning a new skill can seem daunting, which is why my coaching sessions always have an emphasis on fun and positivity! Whether we're practising on the golf course, or going over a new technique, I'm here to help your child lower their scores in a supportive and enjoyable way.

The Long-Lasting Approach
Golf Skills That Will Last a Lifetime
The Benefits of Edinburgh Junior Golf Lessons
What Edinburgh Junior Golf Lessons Cover:
How to Book Edinburgh Golf Lessons for Juniors:
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