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You are not the average golfer - You Reap what you sow



You are not the average golfer –


You reap what you sow


‘you eventually have to face up to the consequences of your actions.’




I was recently asked this question by a friend (read the blog here):


‘How does this blog apply to the average golfer that doesn’t practice?’




My answer was it doesn’t and it never will.


In all honesty, my articles are specific to you, you are not the average golfer, you are the golfer who practices, not the golfer who doesn’t practice.


Let me tell you a story of a colleague of mine.


He recently bemoaned the fact that he was getting lots of golfers in that expected a miracle in the 1st few lessons and wanted their swings to look aesthetically pleasing.


The colleague is quite prolific on social media, however, the content is either quick tips or pretty golf swings of his students.


‘You reap what you sow’


That’s is one of the reasons why you will never see a quick tip on You Tube or a pretty golf swing of any the golfers I spend time with on social media.


If you are leading golfers to believe that quick tips are going to have effective long-term positive effects on one’s game, then, of course, that’s what the golfers who come to you will be looking for.


‘You reap what you sow’


From me, you’ll get articles on long-term development, relationships and practice.


Because you want to get better and understand that this takes time, effort and a little support along the way.


Because you are not the average golfer.




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