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Why 30 minute lessons don't work


On a daily basis, sometimes hourly basis I see golfers new to me that are confused and at their wits end with their golf game.

I see so many of you that are confused with all the information that is bombarded at them from magazines/you tube/Facebook/twitter/golf channels/well-meaning friends……

Or just confused trying lots of things on their own swing without any direction.

Does this sound like you?

Well if it does read on, because I’ll tell you a big secret…….

The secret is…..

It is all about RELATIONSHIPS.

It is all about the relationship between me and you, your coach.

You what, has Pete gone insane? I hear you say.

Is Pete about to run off with a cult, picking daisies for the rest of his life?

Bear with me.

It’s all about our Relationship.


Because the more I know about you, the more we can find something that clicks for you.

What do I mean by this?

Let me tell you a story from a recent lesson that is fresh in my mind.

Fraser is a 10 handicapper 55 year former Ski Instructor, which has been his prominent sport for over 40 years.

Guess what Fraser’s posture looked like?

You’ve guessed it. Like he was skiing!

Guess what Fraser’s golf swing looked like?

You’ve guessed it again!

His body, particularly his lower half and hips/pelvis moved like he was skiing. It moved from side to side effecting his ball striking.

So how did we go about changing this well learnt habit?

By learning more about Fraser.

By asking a ton of questions before Fraser had actually hit a golf ball in front of me. I found out that Fraser had and still does go to the gym and does free weights.

So to refine Fraser’s posture I gave him a golf shaft and asked him to hold it over his toes like he would in a squat.

This instantly cleaned up Fraser’s posture.

Next on this list was how Fraser moved his hips, after finding out that Fraser was a big Elvis fan.

I asked Fraser to move in the signature Elvis move without a golf club in his hand, however in his new posture. Instantly his right hip/pelvis moved back and up (what I was looking for).

So two fairly simple cues from the lesson that had Fraser striking the ball a lot better.
Fraser’s words were ‘I feel far more stable’.

So back to my title ‘Why 30 minute golf lessons don’t work’

Why they don’t work is because for me to deliver my message in a simple to understand format.

I need to understand you.

I need to have a relationship with you.

I need to find out what floats your boat, your movement history, your hobbies, your work, your family…

The more time I spend with you, and get to know you, the simpler and easier it is for me to help you.

In the example above Fraser and I spent 2hrs together and he didn’t hit balls until near the 40 minute mark. I didn’t offer any advice until the 60/70 minute mark.

And this one of the main reasons why magazines/you tube/Facebook/twitter/golf channels/well-meaning friends rarely work.

The information is generally pretty good however is this ever delivered in a format that rings true with you?

Or is relevant for you?

How much time do you waste trying these tips that a rarely relevant to what you need?

One thing I continually hear is I wish I had got professional help sooner.

Save yourself some time filtering through all this information and come in and see me.

Let me get to know you and your game and we'll speed up the process of you shooting lower scores & enjoying golf a little more.


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