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Does your golf practice have emotion?

Every Thursday I take my son & daughter Johan (4) & Juliet (3) swimming.

When leaving the leisure complex, Juliet got left behind and got stuck in the foyer between two automatic glass sliding doors.

All I heard were the screams as Juliet had no idea how to activate the doors to get out.

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Jack of no golf courses, master of one.

I have become an over specialist in golf.

This really hit home a few years ago, with the limited time I do get to play golf, most of it is a few holes here and there where I give golf lessons in Edinburgh, Craigmillar Park Golf Club.

A few years ago I had a few coaching clients that liked to play me for a few shekels (they owned their own respected companies, so essentially it was my services against theirs up for grabs), their better ball against my score.

Anyway the first outing they beat me on the last, ever the professional I finished the round and gave them a quick recap of their lesson. However inside I was not a happy bunny, giving my services away for free.

Come the next outing, well I was well up for it.

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One man’s medicine is another man’s poison.

On Friday night I got out for a few holes with a friend.

I haven’t played much in the last year (cue world’s smallest violin), however for someone that hasn’t played much I hit the ball pretty good and in the general direction of where I wanted to the ball to go, apart from a 6 iron that moved about 100 yards with a divot this size.

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Re-introduction to the wild

David Attenburgh is sitting in a pre-production meeting for a new instalment of the superlative Living Planet.


Conversation (hypothetical) goes like this:

Producer: David, we have come up with a great idea, bear with us for a second.

We were thinking along the lines of studying one of our closest living relatives, the chimpanzee for the first year of its life.

David: Sounds like a great idea. How do you propose we do this?

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