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Running With The Wolves

“How do you expect to run with the wolves come night when you spend all day sparrin' with puppies?"

Omar Little - The Wire (HBO television programme)

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Holding on for dear life - the degrees of freedom problem part 1

On a recent family holiday we had a short hire car drive for an hour from Barcelona.

I have driven infrequently abroad on the other side of the road, however not with two tired and grumpy toddlers (and a grumpy big kid also ;-)).

After about 30mins driving on the other side of the road in traffic I began to realise my forearms were aching.

I was holding on for dear life of the steering wheel.

Holding on

A thought came to me, this is what it feels like to complete beginners standing in front of me or someone who is overthinking before hitting a shot when I am coaching.

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I've got my new shoes on - Function vs Form

Having just returned from holiday, I have a few stories that you might able to relate to in with regards to your own golfing experiences.
The first is a story about my beautiful wife Shelley and her affliction with shoes.
You see my wife has the habit of picking beautiful looking shoes, however rarely do they function when they have to be used!
The story played itself out on holiday when Shelley had bought a new pair of shoes for the holiday.

 Shelley's holiday shoes.

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Re-introduction to the wild

David Attenburgh is sitting in a pre-production meeting for a new instalment of the superlative Living Planet.


Conversation (hypothetical) goes like this:

Producer: David, we have come up with a great idea, bear with us for a second.

We were thinking along the lines of studying one of our closest living relatives, the chimpanzee for the first year of its life.

David: Sounds like a great idea. How do you propose we do this?

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