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Holding on for dear life - the degrees of freedom problem part 1

On a recent family holiday we had a short hire car drive for an hour from Barcelona.

I have driven infrequently abroad on the other side of the road, however not with two tired and grumpy toddlers (and a grumpy big kid also ;-)).

After about 30mins driving on the other side of the road in traffic I began to realise my forearms were aching.

I was holding on for dear life of the steering wheel.

Holding on

A thought came to me, this is what it feels like to complete beginners standing in front of me or someone who is overthinking before hitting a shot when I am coaching.

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Holding on for dear life part 3

So leading on from the last two blogs, I see golfer’s day in day out over controlling their movements. (if you not read the last two blogs. Part one click here & part two click here)

Most of the time from someone whom has a fairly well learnt skill (hitting a golf ball) and trying to over control their movement with a complex set of rules.

Too many swing thoughts for example.

This can be a result of either over coaching or listening to too much information from media sources and friends.

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