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Rhythm is a Dancer

Rhythm is a Dancer


Ever felt like you have really got it going at the range, especially the last twenty balls?

You walk to the first tee after your last range session with your chest held out like Seve in his pomp.

Three holes later and you feel more like Jean Van De Velde in the 1999 Open.


So when you get in this rhythm on the range and it doesn't transfer to the golf course, why not?


Because you never get the opportunity on the golf course to hit ball after ball and get in a rhythm, never.


So my advice is always, if you get in a nice rhythm on the range.


have a break for a minute or two, go get a coffee or look at your phone.

Disrupt the rhythm you are in, much like when you are playing golf and walking to the next shot.

Then the true test is the first shot you hit after your break.

If you interested in improving your rhythm then get in touch with Pete Arnott at 07939 564877


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