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Looking up a Blind Alley

A blind alley

I'm sure this will resonate with many of you.

You are struggling with your game, you are on the driving range and Eureka! You find a feel or swing thought that works.

You have cracked it!

You skip onto the first tee the next day excited about the amazing golf you are about to play and ...

Things don't exactly go to plans, the Tour Pro shots you were hitting at the range are now a distant memory, replaced by a ball with the mind of a stubborn teenager whom won't listen to a word you are saying. 

So you then go searching on the golf course for a feel or swing thought.

Again Eureka I have found something as you crack one straight down the middle.

Only to be disappointed again when it only lasts one or two holes, never to work again.

Before I started coaching and learning about learning I would do something similar myself. 

I would compound the above by searching on the internet, read a magazine on tips or watch an instructional video.

Things would get worse, as my head was full of swing thoughts.


I would be looking up a Blind Alley.


I now have far more clarity about my own game. 

For example I generally draw the ball of the tee, too much sometimes, so to counter this I feel my hands on the backswing go away from my body a little.

What usually transpires is a small fade from this, however an undetermined amount of time later I will end up over exaggerating this feel and the fade turns into a slice!

So from there I feel the hands are coming more towards my body on the backswing and I start drawing the ball again.

Rinse and repeat this process.

Obviuosly this does not work all the time for me, because if it did I would be sunning myself on a beach in Barbados, rum in hand, with a few million in the bank!

I always advise students, when we/you find a feel that works keep a note of it.

It won't last forever however it may be useful at a later date.

A swing thought/feel that works is dynamic and will not last forever and this is something that has come out of my research interviewing current European Tour Players.


Many keep detailed notes. 


I see my role as a coach as giving more clarity to you, helping you discover feels and swing thoughts that work for you and helping you understanding why they work.

So if you feel like you are looking up a blind alley with your golf and need golf lessons with a coach that understands your perspective, then give me a call today. 

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