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Jack of no golf courses, master of one.


I have become an over specialist in golf.

This really hit home a few years ago, with the limited time I do get to play golf, most of it is a few holes here and there where I give golf lessons in Edinburgh, Craigmillar Park Golf Club.

A few years ago I had a few coaching clients that liked to play me for a few shekels (they owned their own respected companies, so essentially it was my services against theirs up for grabs), their better ball against my score.

Anyway the first outing they beat me on the last, ever the professional I finished the round and gave them a quick recap of their lesson. However inside I was not a happy bunny, giving my services away for free.

Come the next outing, well I was well up for it.

-6 under par by the 14 hole and gleefully tucked my respective opponents away.

However, the story does not end there two days later I play Gullane 1 on a perfectly calm day and shoot 81.

I was becoming a master of one golf course and Jack of no golf courses.

I was so used to playing the same golf course over and over again.

I hit the ball pretty good at Gullane, however chose the wrong club continually, struggled with reading the greens and rarely felt comfortable.

You see I had/have become so comfortable at my own course without testing myself on different greens, different grasses, different angles into the green, off the tee, different elevations into the greens, to name but a few.

I rarely had to think that hard whilst playing Craigmillar.

I was always in my comfort zone.

I was asked recently, encapsulate in one word the essence of an 'Elite Golfer'?

My answer was and always will be adaptable.

If you want to become a better golfer, my advice would be, go and play as many golf courses as you can.

Become adaptable.

Don't become a Master of one golf course like me.

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