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Holding on for dear life part 3


So leading on from the last two blogs, I see golfer’s day in day out over controlling their movements. (if you not read the last two blogs. Part one click here & part two click here)

Most of the time from someone whom has a fairly well learnt skill (hitting a golf ball) and trying to over control their movement with a complex set of rules.

Too many swing thoughts for example.

This can be a result of either over coaching or listening to too much information from media sources and friends.

One example is of a recent new client whom had been over coached.

The golfer in question was a recent graduate and was a product of our ‘Talent Development System’ (and I say this in this loosest of terms for this golfer) in Scotland.

Over the course of 7 years this player, whilst making his way through Scotland’s ‘Talent Development System’, had 8 different coaches.

The result…..this is what came to me in the first lesson (I got the player to write down what he was trying to do over every shot).


‘Alignment, to take away (trying to make a full body rotation, not have the club too shut), then trying to keep the elbow tucked in on the back swing. From there i have thought about keeping the club on the same path, moving my weight over onto my left side, whilst trying to clear my hips, with my feet planted and not jump at the ball as well as keeping my head down to avoid gaining height.’


Over every shot!



The result, +1 handicap to 1 (and lucky if he played to 5 handicap)

The look of the player when holding the golf club was tension, nothing looked rhythmical in the swing.

When I tried to move the club in the players hands back and forth I couldn’t he was literally holding on for dear life!

You see when we try to over control a movement through so many thoughts all we end up doing is freezing the degrees of freedom.

We look stiff and wooden.

We play ***** golf.

For the player in question it will probably take a little while to de clutter his thoughts.

However after the first session he left with ONE simple que (swing thought) for his swing that we had worked together to find and one that he felt comfortable with.

So my advice if you or your son/daughter find yourself in a situation where over coaching/too much information is coming your way from various sources.




Have a think what this information might be doing to you, your son or daughter.

Find a coach that is a lightning rod that will filter all the information and not be afraid to voice his opinions (away from the player) to anyone/organisation that may be offering too much advice.

It is no small consequence that some of the best players in the world have had one golf coach over a period of time.


I also love Cameron McCormick’s quote here


And if all else fails and you find yourself in an environment where too much information is getting thrown at you.

Follow what the famous cricketer Steve Smith did when he found himself in the centre of excellence in Australia.


‘I learned to nod my head and not listen to a word they were saying’!


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