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Do you live in La la land?


‘to think that things that are completely impossible might happen, rather than understanding how things really are’

I had an interesting conversation with a new client a few months ago, we had already confirmed that he had played lots of sports, moved pretty well, without any injuries and in his late 40’s.

At the start of any coaching relationship I always ask a tonne of questions.

Me – So what are your goals? Why are you here?

Golfer - I am looking to get my handicap down from 24 to 12 in the next two years.

Me – Sure, we have done that with many clients. How much time do you have to practice or play?

Golfer – Well you see I am quite busy with my business, so I reckon once a week playing and maybe a couple of hours of practice every two weeks on top of that.

Me – Not going to happen. You won’t get to 12 in two years if that is all the time you can put in.

Golfer – (awkward silence and looks like I have just insulted his Mother) What if I come to you every month for an hour lesson.

Me – Not going to happen. You will not get down to 12 in two years if that is all the time you have to invest in your golf. Coming to me once a month will help, however it is more important what, how and how much you do it away from me. I inform that and you will have a clear understanding of what to do when we are apart, however you have to invest time in golf to get better at it. Completely understand that we all have time constraints. Rather just be upfront.

Golfer – (Another awkward silence) Can you not just fix my swing in the hours coaching and I will get better.

Me – Sure I can help you move a little bit better and get you striking the ball better. However hitting a golf ball and playing golf are two completely different skills.

Ok. You have a successful business. How much time and effort have you put in to build that business?

Golfer – A lot, my heart and soul.

Me – Well getting to the level you want to in that time frame requires that sort of commitment, there are no short cuts. My role as a coach is to guide you through the process of getting better at golf.

I never seen this client again, my time over I wouldn’t change what I said to him.

This is a common theme that I see when giving golf lessons an expectation that I can perform miracles in one lesson.

I’m not Harry Potter!

harry potter


It’s not your fault

It’s not your fault that you think your golf game can improve/be cured in a short space of time.

We live in a world that everything is at our finger tips in seconds.

Instant gratification.

Nowhere can this be seem more prevalent than in the golf media.

Turn a magazine page over, quick tip on how to cure your slice.

Watch a you tube video, quick tip on how to fix my shanks.

Turn on Sky Sports Golf, a quick tip on how to cure my hook…….

This culture really came to life when a long term client had a 4 minute golf lesson at a recent equipment manufacturer’s demonstration day.

A 4 minute lesson!

It’s not your fault that many of you live in La La Land when it comes to improving at golf.

You are a product of the environment that surrounds you.

environment product

I’ve seen so many golfers in the past few years that follow the vicious cycle of this process.

Try one tip, doesn’t work. Move to another. Rinse repeat

Try one coach for an hour, doesn’t work. Move to another. Rinse Repeat.

A good golf coach should give you a one way ticket out of La La Land, he/she will be honest and upfront with you on your expectations, goals and what commitment it will take to reach them.

It’s up to you to accept that ticket.

If you currently live in La La Land, pick up the phone I’m here to talk.

According to my wife I spend most of my time in this world anyway so we’ll get on great!

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