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Dem Bones Dem Bones

knee Dem Bones Dem Bones

The Ankle bone connected to the shin bone

The Shin bone connected to the knee bone

The Knee bone connected to the thigh bone

The Thigh bone connected to the hip bone

The Hip bone connected to the back bone.....


If you are past the prime of your youth or have limited flexibility you may want to read this article as it may help and prolong your golf injury free.

In a study by Lynn & Noffal (2010) on the knee movement of the target side leg in golfers, it was found that an externally rotated foot (Target side foot more open like Charlie Chaplin would walk)Charlie Chaplin


could be beneficial to decrease the load on the knee joint at impact of the golf ball. Therefore potentially reduce the wear on the knee joint and connected ligaments.

Personally, as I progress into middle age my left foot is more open. Why? Because my hips have limited movement and opening my left foot gives my left hip more range of movement.

Because Dem bones are connected.

Try this, turn your feet inwards (the opposite of the photo above) and then try and swing a golf club or just try and rotate your hips. Then do the Charlie Chaplin stance and do the same.

Which one gave you more range of movement? Which one felt more comfortable?

Just a word of caution, as many of you will know the way I coach is not a one size fits all. This may or may not work for you as all our bodies are different. My advice give it a try if it feels more comfortable and helps you play better golf happy days.


Lynn SK, Noffal GJ. Frontal Plane Knee Moments during the Golf Swing: Effect of Target Side Foot Position at Address. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine. 9: 275-281, June 2010.


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