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A Little Story on Course Management

A golfer putting

Over the Summer I spend a considerable amount of time on the golf course with golfers and I am consistently amazed at the shots that many amateurs take on.

An example of this was seen in a playing lesson a few weeks ago.

The said 24 handicapper had hit his drive behind a tree on the first.

They had a gap to get to the green no bigger than a midgies nether regions through the trees, once through this gap they had a 100 yard carry over out of bounds.

Needless to say the player took the shot on, hit the tree and ricocheted of the tree out of bounds!

We then discussed the merits of taking on a shot like this I commented that the late great Seve Ballesteros would have thought twice about taking the shot on.

I asked the player in question to play two balls, play the first ball out as he normally would and then play the second with a little bit more caution and strategy.

The two questions I asked the player to ask himself before the second ball were:

  1. How good am I and what is likely hood of me pulling this shot off (if less than 7 out of 10, choose another option if available).
  2. What is a good score from the situation I am in now? (Not what I expect to score on this hole).

First ball score = 9
Second ball score = 5

Enough said! If you would like to talk further about a set of golf lessons then get in touch at 07939 564877


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