A Golf Coach that gives a damn

So how did it all get started?

I used to be like a lot of golfers when trying to get better at golf.

I used to think getting lessons purely on a range focusing on complex movements, repeating that movement over and over again until it 'stuck' was the way to get better at golf.

I used to think a complicated golf lesson, with lots of information, was part of the process of getting better.

I don't anymore.


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Knowing what I know now about the 'Science of Learning', through researching and talking to the foremost experts in this field, I wasted so much time, effort and money focusing on the wrong things.

I read magazines for tips, watched you tube for tips & practiced by hitting balls aimlessly with the same club. All the time looking for the quick fix for my game.

Very occasionally I would find a snippet of information that would ‘work’, fleetingly, however most of the time I stepped onto the tee confused from all the information I had consumed.

After years of this approach not working, I believed there must be a better way to improving at golf. It fuelled my curiosity. This is why as a golf coach I researched how people learn and develop skills. 

What I discovered, and will help you discover, was that much of what I thought about improving at golf was misinformed.

I discovered that golf lessons didn't need to be complicated to help you play better golf.

They just needed to strike a chord with you, in a easy to understand manner.

I discovered that creating a long term relationship with you helps me to understand your habits and inform your golf. Ultimately helping you to understand your golf game, leading to lower and more consistent scores.


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So what can I offer you?

Much like an overhyped CV I could get carried away with myself and rave about the achievements of all my players, the tour players I have worked with, qualifications I have and the various talks I have presented at.

But really it isn't about me, it is about you. What I offer is no genie in a bottle, you can't rub me three times and expect to play better golf!

What I offer and specialise in is good, simple, LONG TERM COACHING, ON and off the golf course, that helps you play better golf. I don’t care if you are a complete beginner or a Tour Pro, all I care about is you reaching the goals we set together.

I genuinely care about your golf and you getting better at golf. I give a damn.

It's not all about me, it's about you, however I suppose some of you may want to know more about me and who, potentially you are going to spend your hard earned cash on! Here you go...

Through years of practical application and research my views are radically different to the main stream golf industries and may challenge some long held beliefs.

I fuse the ‘The Science of Learning’ and real life coaching to help you discover a clear understanding of how to practically apply information shared together.

But don't take it from me ...

Let my clients do the talking

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